Why do I need a New Build Survey from Aberdare Surveyors?

If you’re buying a new home you would expect it to be perfect, wouldn’t you? Sadly, that often isn’t always the case.

Aberdare Surveyors will help identify the ‘snags’ in your new home. Snags are defects that can be either minor or major faults. If not dealt with promptly, snags may lead to more significant and costly issues.

Over the last few years, house building companies have been under scrutiny for leaving new homes unfinished with minor or major imperfections. These imperfections need to be drawn to the builder’s attention prior to a contract being completed or within the guarantee or warranty period.

It is because of this that Which? and other public bodies recommend home buyers have a snagging survey when buying a new build home.

Snagging Surveys available for a New build nearing completion

How can Aberdare Surveyors help?

The Chartered Surveyors at Aberdare Surveyors will provide you with a snagging survey of the highest quality. The snagging survey will detail out a ‘snag checklist’ and your surveyor will ensure that the information you are given is clear and concise.

The ideal time to carry out a snagging survey is after the building construction is finished but before legal completion.

The precise details of the snagging survey vary from case to case. However, our surveyor will maximise the chances that the developer will agree to rectify most of these snagging items prior to your moving date.

In some circumstances, the surveyor’s fees will even be covered by the developer.

Looking for a Snagging Survey in Aberdare?

Get in touch with our Chartered Surveyors today to discuss how we can help you with a new home or new build survey.

New build properties ready for Snagging Surveys